knitted fish

started a neat knitted fish for the category of: if you cant catch ’em, make ’em. ha.
made cast on 2 sts, inc. every other round to ten, knitted a few rows even, made another as same, and joined for the tail fin.

now, im adding & increasing in a lighter blue for the belly for 10? 7? rounds, while increasing at the top to bring the shape up out of the narrow fin area. then i think i’ll increase on the sides with the lighter blue to make the fish two tone, and stop inc. at the top once the fish is the proper height. hm. interesting.

sewing another fish while im at it. beat Fallout: N.V., had major issues with gameplay glitches, quite disappointing in the end. sniff.

tail fin


About onebadbunny

i dont have hobbies, i have a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.
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