fair isle & lace cuff sock (#1)

since these instructions are long, i’ll separate the posts. as noted in the title, this is step one.

i used:
“Sofia, cuffs” pattern for the cuff (i liked the simplistic yet interesting pattern)
“Winter Wonder Mittens” for the foot.

using two color cast on, cast on 66 sts. join in the round, being careful not to twist sts. i find it helpful/better, if when i start knitting, to join the circle, i take the one extra st (i only needed 65 for this pattern) from the right needle, place it on the left & knit it together with the first stitch on the left. helps with the join, makes it look like a complete circle. eh. your choice.

2 rounds of the set up: *k5, p1, k6, p1*, repeat * until end
3″ of the Sophia pattern:

round 1: k1, k2tog, yo, k2, p1, cable front (hold 3 front, k3, k3 from front), p1
round 2: k5, p1, k6, p1
round 3: k2tog, you, k1, yo, ssk, p1, k6, p1
round 4: rep row 2
round 5: rep row 2

2 rounds plain knit.


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i dont have hobbies, i have a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.
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