step #2, sewing the shower curtain mitts!

1. so i traced the knitted mitts, remembering seam allowances, & cut them out. the shower curtain material wont have the length of the knitted cuff, it will stop at the wrist.
2. sewed a pentagram with double thread onto the back of 2 pieces.

3. sewed back & fronts together, keeping track of wrong sides of pentagrams, and not sewing closed the thumb hole or bottom of mitts, ha.
4. trim close to seam lines, clip curves, turn inside out, &slip the knitted mitt inside. they fit! yay!
(happy dance)

5. i drew a line (with a piece of soap: awesomely cheap & washable marker) for the finger slits, & cut a line on the shower curtain mitts. placed the shower curtain mitts over the knit mitts, and hand sewed around the finger slit, sewing the shower curtain material to the knitted material. the same at the thumb hole and base of shower curtain mitt to the knit wrist.


About onebadbunny

i dont have hobbies, i have a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.
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