my beautiful! mitts

love these!

i used a pattern from Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven, pg. (or plate) 53, #360.

here’s how i did it:

c/o 44 sts using two color cast on, i used yellow & red, for the brightness. winter is so drab and dark.
purl 3 rounds.
knit 2 rounds, increasing to 50 sts, 3 more sts ea. side.
start the chart, picking the part of the chart you find most appealing. i did a continuous spiral of 50 stitches, beginning & ending where i planned to put the outside of the palm. the thumb side is the inside of the palm, i would think.

after 1 repeat of the chart (18 rounds), start the thumb gusset in the plain round separating the start of the 2nd repeat of the chart. thumb gusset ends at 19 sts, i use Jessica Tromp’s way of finishing the thumb.

using 2 sts ea. side of thumb from the “hand” of the mitten. total of 23 sts in thumb. knit for 3 more rounds, finishing with corrugated rib for 3 rounds, b/o on 4th round.

3rd repeat of chart, i placed a bunny on each palm, because she’s shy & likes to hide in the grass.
after 3rd repeat, one round plain & then 3 rounds of corrugated rib, 4th round the b/o round.


About onebadbunny

i dont have hobbies, i have a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.
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