4 carp, one at 8 lbs. freakin’ aawwsome.

also a channel cat. was a cloudy overcast day, pretty windy & chilly.

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my beautiful! mitts

love these!

i used a pattern from Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven, pg. (or plate) 53, #360.

here’s how i did it:

c/o 44 sts using two color cast on, i used yellow & red, for the brightness. winter is so drab and dark.
purl 3 rounds.
knit 2 rounds, increasing to 50 sts, 3 more sts ea. side.
start the chart, picking the part of the chart you find most appealing. i did a continuous spiral of 50 stitches, beginning & ending where i planned to put the outside of the palm. the thumb side is the inside of the palm, i would think.

after 1 repeat of the chart (18 rounds), start the thumb gusset in the plain round separating the start of the 2nd repeat of the chart. thumb gusset ends at 19 sts, i use Jessica Tromp’s way of finishing the thumb.

using 2 sts ea. side of thumb from the “hand” of the mitten. total of 23 sts in thumb. knit for 3 more rounds, finishing with corrugated rib for 3 rounds, b/o on 4th round.

3rd repeat of chart, i placed a bunny on each palm, because she’s shy & likes to hide in the grass.
after 3rd repeat, one round plain & then 3 rounds of corrugated rib, 4th round the b/o round.

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caught 5 fish today, woo-hoo

bullhead catfish & 3 carp, one of them 4lbs, the rest smaller. got those with some breadballs.
also bass with chicken heart & a red-eared turtle.

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step #2, sewing the shower curtain mitts!

1. so i traced the knitted mitts, remembering seam allowances, & cut them out. the shower curtain material wont have the length of the knitted cuff, it will stop at the wrist.
2. sewed a pentagram with double thread onto the back of 2 pieces.

3. sewed back & fronts together, keeping track of wrong sides of pentagrams, and not sewing closed the thumb hole or bottom of mitts, ha.
4. trim close to seam lines, clip curves, turn inside out, &slip the knitted mitt inside. they fit! yay!
(happy dance)

5. i drew a line (with a piece of soap: awesomely cheap & washable marker) for the finger slits, & cut a line on the shower curtain mitts. placed the shower curtain mitts over the knit mitts, and hand sewed around the finger slit, sewing the shower curtain material to the knitted material. the same at the thumb hole and base of shower curtain mitt to the knit wrist.

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fishun mitts (redux)

making another set of fishun mitts, since the first pair failed. ugh.
this plan is to sew mitts out of shower curtains, maybe embroider by machine a pentagram on the back of each, and line them with knitted mittens.
im actually making the knit part first, so that i make sure i sew the outside layer big enough.

here’s how i did it:

step 1: knit those mitts!
Size: Men’s M/L (approx 8in/20cm circumference by 8.5in/21cm long, minus cuff)
Gauge: 22sts by 33rows to 4in (10cm)

1 skein Caron Simply Soft
1 set US 3 (3.25mm) double-pointed needles (or however you like doing circular knitting)
2 stitch markers
darning needle

Cast on 44 stitches.
Join, being careful not to twist, and use tail of cast on as marker for beginning of round.

cuff of mitten:
Rounds 1-25: (K2; P2) repeat to end of round.
Round 26: K43; M1; K1

body of mitten:
Gusset shaping:
Round 27: K22; PM; M1; K1; M1; PM; K22*
Round 28: K all sts
Rounds 29-30: K all sts
Round 31: K22; M1; K to marker; M1 before marker; K22
Rounds 32-49: Repeat Rounds 29-31 six MORE times (17 sts between markers)

place stitches from thumb gusset on their own needle, and going back and forth vs. in the round, knit to desired length on thumb, place those stitches onto a holder, maybe a piece of yarn, so that the intendend wearer can try it on. leave the thumb open, we’ll finish it later, closing it up into a tube.

Round 50: K22; cast on 1 stitch for removed thumb gusset stitches, & K22
Rounds 51-74: K all sts (23 rounds)
Round 75: K19; K2tog; K24 (44 sts remain)

decrease section #1
round 76: arrange stitches so that needle 1 has 1/4, needle 2 has 1/2, & needle 3 has 1/4.
decrease around as:
needle 1: knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 2: k1, ssk, knit to last 3, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 3: k1, ssk and k to end of needle.
rounds 77-81: k all sts

decrease section #2
round 82:
needle 1: knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 2: k1, ssk, knit to last 3, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 3: k1, ssk and k to end of needle.

round 83: time for the finger slit. make sure when doing the second mitt, that you are aware of the thumb placement, so that you get the finger slit on the palm of the mitt.
round 84: k2, cast-off 8 stitches.
round 85: continue with the cast-off on needle 1, for a total of 16 stitches cast-off total. continue knitting around.
round 86: cable cast-on the missing 16 stitches, re-arranging the stitches until you have again 10 on needle 1, 20 on needle 2, and 10 on needle 3.
rounds 87 & 88: knit

decrease round #3
round 89:
needle 1: knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 2: k1, ssk, knit to last 3, k2tog & k last stitch.
needle 3: k1, ssk and k to end of needle.
rounds 90-94: knit

knit to necessary length, using another decrease round if needed.
graft top edges of mitt with Kitchener stitch.

the thumb!
okay, my husband’s thumb is deliciously big, so i had to re-think the process. what i did was pick up about 7 extra stitches at the base of the thumb, knitting back & forth, and picking up 1 ea. side until the new flap equals the length of the made thumb flap. join, work one round, bind off.
a better method would be to join the two sides of the made thumb flap into seam, and then tack it down at the edge. eh. it works.

so dont worry about all the rolly edges from casting off stockinette stitches, we’re going to sew the shower curtain fabric to it.

yay! two mitts made. whew.

the finished knitted mitts

step #2, sewing the shower curtain mitts!

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skirt with awesome pockets!

made this super cute short circle skirt, perfect length.

added this gathered pocket from here.

and another pocket to carry my bunnies around in, from here.

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two beautiful catfish

using our rainy bait fish fm yesterday, we caught two beautiful! catfish. one was 6 lbs., which i didnt photograph well enough for submission into the catfish tourney, sad face. the second catfish was less weight, 5 lbs?

6 lbs of beautiful

front side

and also a beautiful carp was caught on the newly re-fashioned cane pole.

started the wall hanging fm The Knitter’s Bible pg. 153, using intarsia method. hate!! that ugh. lol. give me fair isle anyday.

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we caught one bait fish fairly early in the morning. then got seriously rained out. we stood/loved the faint drizzle at first, but then it got more fierce & the lightening started, eek.

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what a weekend!

caught several turtles, a (50 lb.) carp and a catfish. not to mention all the little bait fish.

very fast turtle

carp on the canepole


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not too cold for fishing


sighting of spotted needle-nose gar, possibly spawning.

1 large! snake head turtle who seemed determine to bite David.

1 very nice 4lb. catfish, right when David said it was time to call it a day. ha. we stayed longer. ha.

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